Adyanpara Falls

Adyanpara Falls is a cascading waterfall  in the Kurmbalangod village of Nilambur  taluk in Kerala, India. Nilampur which has the world’s largest teakwood plantation -planted during the British regime-in the world is bestowed with many other features that would be of interest. World’s largest teakwood tree is in Nilampur which stands straight defying the onslaught of centuries those passed by. The adyan para comes in the village Kurumbalangad in Nilampur. Having its origin from the ever flowing streams of the evergreen forests, this waterfall is live even when the climate is dry. This is a cascading type of waterfall and attracts tourists from the surrounding places.

The nearby forests are rich in vegetation and wild animals. The place is well connected with road as it is near to the Kozhikode Ooty road. The nearest airport is the Calicut international airport at Malappuram. Nilampur is connected by railway also. A visit to this place through the dense forests and seeing the waterfall will be a memorable experience that can be cherished a tourist’s mind for days to come.