Monthly celebration

Ashtamirhini in Chingam(August), Navarathri Pooja in Kanni( September), Panthrandu Kalabham in Makaram(January) (Makaram 1t o12 th ………….), Sankara Narayana Kalolsavam is a part of Kalabham and Thiruvulsavam in Meenam(March-April) are the main celebrations.

Nataskasala sadya

Nataqkasalasadya is an auspicious function in the annual celebration in March /April and it falls on 9th day of thiruvulsavam every year. Its believed that Lord Krishna would came to participate in the mass feast at Natakasala a very long spacious hall near the temple. There is an interesting and sweet legend in connection with Natakasalasadya also.

Once Villwamangalam entered the temple to pay offering and he could not see Krishna in Sreekovil. He came out desperate and reached the place where noon feast was going on. It was a celebration seasons and the temple employees were having their noon meals nearby. Villawamangalam loudly informed the mob that Krishna was not in Sreekovil and he was eager to pass the massage. By the by, he could see Krishna in the dress of a small boy pouring ghee to the participants. With unparallel joy he stepped forward to embrace Krishna. But Krishna the lord almighty ran away. From that day the feast during the 9th day of thiruvulsaam was considered the day of physical appearance of Krishna and that is why it is conducting with devotion and enthusiasm. People from several parts of the country are performing to witness the holly feast function.

“Velakali” is conducting on eighth days i.e..from 2nd to 9th day of Thiruvulsavam. The time of velakali is from 5 to 6.30 pm and 9 to 10.30 pm everyday. There are Kulathilvela and Thirumumbil Vela on all days. This is a very peculiar …………….among utsavam. On 10th day is the Arattu. It is …….at Iratta Kulangara Siva Temple and Arattu return at 5 a.m in the next day.

In addition to these major celebrations, various kinds of Poojas and Programmes are taking place including Bhagavatha Sapthaham, Pallippana on every 12 years and Vijayabali on every 144 years are very important functions in this temple.

Darsana time

Temple opens (Palliunarthal) at 3 o clock and close at 12.3.0 and again from 5 to 8 p.m.

It is believed that Guruvayuoorappan reaches here every day to taste Palpayasam. During the invasion of Tippu the idol of Guruvayoor was brought to Ambalapuzha to keep safe and near about 12 years Guruvayoorappan was here. There is Guruvayoour Nada and Guruvayoor well etc in the premises ond these are the clear evidence for that belief.

Any how, Ambalapuzha temple is having glorious tradition and history and it has not been highlighted so far. The narration is only an outline of the historical fact and for details the Book written by Dr. Ambalapuzha Gopakumar can be referred.


Devotees can do darshan since to 12.30 and 5 to 8. all vazhipoadu are available in the premises. The most important vazhipadu is butter and ghee. Plapayasam vazhipadyu alsoca be regisatered in the office. Thulabvharam, chutu vilakku,thirumadhuram, Aravana payasam are other vazhipadu.