Nilambur is a town and a taluk in the Malappuram district of Kerala, South India. It is famous for its forests, especially its wildlife habitats, rivers, waterfalls and teak plantations. It is situated close to the Nilgiris range of the Western Ghats on the banks of the Chaliyar River. It is about 40 kilometres from Malappuram  town and 24 kilometres from Manjeri city on the Kozhikode - Ooty road. Nilambur is also an Assembly Constituency. Nilambur is to be upgraded as a Municipality soon. The town of Nilambur is famous for the Nilambur Vettekkoru Makan Paattu held every year in the Nilambur Kovilakom Temple. Nilambur is also home to the oldest teak plantation in the world, called Conolly's Plot. It is claimed that the world's tallest or biggest teak tree is in the Nilambur Teak Preserve. Nilambur is also famous for its bamboos. The name "Nilambur" means 'Place of Nilimba' (a Sanskrit word for Bamboo). Some nearby places are Chungathara, Pookkottumpadam and Edakkara. People here are almost in equal ratio of Hindu, Muslims and Christians. Most people are engaged in agriculture and business. It is a place where a huge number of christians migrated during 1940s and 50s. Nilambur is the place where a large number of Christians of all denominations live in Malabar.