Peechi Dam

Peechi is a village situated 22 km away from Trichur town in Kerala, India, and is famous for its dam and wild life sanctuary. Kerala Forest Research Institute(KFRI) situated in the this village. Peechi dam was constructed primarily to cater the drinking water needs of the population of Thrissur town. In addition it also serves as an irrigation dam, reaching out to the paddy fields in and around Thrissur. Although devoid of visitors on most of the times of the year, the monsoon season often put the place on the tourist map, mainly for the majestic views offered by the open shutters of the fully filled reservoir. Boating is permitted in the reservoir and on lucky days one can see wild tuskers on the forested banks, part of which forms a reserved forest. It is one of the oldest dams in Kerala. Type of Dam: Concrete Straight Gravity