Silent Valley National Park

Silent Valley National Park is situated about 40 kms. from Mannarkad in the northeastern corner of the Palakkad district in Kerala. Silent Valley National Park is perhaps the closest to a virgin forest in the entire Western Ghats. The park can be reached from the south through the entry point in Mukkali. It is the home of India's last substantial stretch of tropical evergreen rain forests and a large number of wild animals. The Silent Valley was so called by the group of British men who ventured into the forests over a century ago and found that there were no cycads there. However, the park is seldom silent and the song of the birds and the dense forests give it an inexplicably unique character. Unlike Silent Valley National Pak Kerala India other sanctuaries, viewing wildlife here is difficult because of the dense vegetation. Silent Valley National Park covers an area of 90 square kms. Silent Valley National Park is a treasure trove of rare animals, birds and trees. Most of the valley is closed to tourists. The thick canopy of these highly dense forests account for the very high evapotranspiration in these regions, cooling the atmosphere and causing the summer rains. The park is open round the year but the best time to visit is just after monsoons, from September till late March. Animal sightings are best during November to January.