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Godsowncountry is Kerala’s No.1 tours and travel portal. This website provides all the information about the best places to visit in Kerala, things to do, activities, the latest news on Kerala tourism, weather updates, the best time to visit, and top hotels as well as restaurants. Through this portal, you can discover the most popular tourist attractions with photos, videos, and other details, some of the most popular ayurvedic medicines and their uses, various art forms like theyyam, kathakali, mohiniyattam, etc and the martial art forms of Kerala.

This travel portal lists popular waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, museums, picnic spots, pilgrim centers, best beaches, backwaters and hill stations, beautiful tea plantations, famous historical monuments, forts, and palaces, as well as other places in Kerala famous for its scenery or being a historical site.

We bring to you top finger-licking dishes that you must try during your trip to the scenic destination of Kerala, the videos that show the beauty of Kerala during the monsoon season. We provide exclusive village life experience packages that let you experience the life and craftsmanship of Kerala.

This package offers travelers a chance to explore the Kalliasseri in Kannur, bell metal making of Kunnimangalam, Theyyam performances, pottery making, handicrafts and weaving villages, experience rubber tapping techniques, and more.

Travelers can also walk through the village, lush green paddy fields, mingle with people, visit the local market, do fishing, learn to cook local foods, visit temple and heritage places, visit rubber estate, make a journey by Kerala traditional boat through the fascinating backwaters, visit theyyam festival, traditional handcraft as well as metal craft units. 

You will get all the information about popular festivals, unique festivals, international festivals, common festivals, religious festivals, cultural festivals, agriculture flower fruit festivals, adventure sports festivals, and other events in Kerala on this website. You can view photos and read details to get an idea of how the festival and events will be like.

We bring you the festival calendar that shows the dates of each festival and events that take place in Kerala throughout the year. This helps you to start planning your trip on the basis of that and experience the top Kerala festivals. You can also use our festival finder to search for all other festivals based on filters such as location, month, category, and subcategory.

You can find your desired festivals and events. For that, you need to enter 3-4 characters of the name of the festival or event you are searching for. The site will list your preferred festival or event along with the details such as where the festivals are taking place, how to reach the place, address, contact number, festival date, and duration of the festival or event. 

We will provide you address, contact number, e-mail address, and details of available facilities in homestays, hotels, resorts, serviced villas, and heritage buildings across Kerala. You can also get the details of available Ayurveda treatments along with address, contact number, e-mail address, and details of available facilities in Ayurveda centers through this portal. 

This platform will give you address, contact details, and accommodation details of guest houses, rest houses, restaurants, wayside amenities, yatri nivas as well as other places of stay in Kerala. You can also view the property images and read reviews of all places of stay. On the basis of which you can book a suitable hotel through this site at a reasonable rate.

We will let tour guides and tour operators to register with us for free and you can book your local private tour guide and best tour operators through this portal and explore the natural beauty of God’s Own Country.

We offer a location finder, where you can find places and locations in Kerala with specific distances from the nearest town and a route map. We have listed around 22,000 places on this website. We will allow you to find a place by using the search facility or through accessing the alphabetical listing.

If you do not know the correct spelling of a location, you can check the alphabetical listing to find it. All you have to do is enter the first 3-4 characters of the name of the place you are searching for and watch the suggestions and select the place you are looking for.
You can also post general queries like availability of taxi or cab, the best time to visit, how to reach a destination, activities available, etc, and answers regarding the commonly asked questions on this website.

We will help you to create a perfect tour plan of your own during your visit to God’s Own Country. You need to give details of your visit including choice of destinations, days of stay, arriving place, etc. Once the details are entered, an ideal tour planner will be generated.

We offer the best deals on tour packages. You can book your perfect, budget tour package from a wide range of Kerala tour packages available on this portal.